Company Principles

Our Goal - Affordable System Certification for Any Business or Organisation

Traditionally, companies considering any type of System Certification have had to rely on external consultants to direct their implementation efforts.

This has often proven to be impractical for several reasons.

Largely, a consultant provides an advisory service which relies upon your staff carrying out directions between visits of the consultant. This means your staff must find the spare capacity to undertake such involved duties; albeit inefficient due to their inexperience with such matters as; writing and compiling manuals, procedures, work instructions, creating form and record formats.

This can only be a drain on your business in terms of lost productivity by key personnel, and costly consultant fees.

The Aramis Solution - 'On-secondment

Aramis Management Systems can undertake this traditional consultant approach, or we can provide you with 'on-secondment' personnel who will perform all necessary tasks on-site to implement your new ISO9000 system, or carry out Internal Auditing on existing systems at a fraction of the cost of a typical consultant.

'On-secondment' means that you pay a basic hourly rate without any other associated encumbrances such as; pay roll tax, sick leave benefits, public holidays, leave loading, etc. You may also choose to second a Quality Manager to your business on an on-going basis. This is particularly suited to smaller companies who require the services for a quality professional, but cannot afford or justify a full-time position. Essentially, 'On secondment' professionals feel they become part of your team, rather than having an externally based interest.

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