Creating a system is much more than writing the documentation - you also have to be able to maintain and make it useable it in the most efficient manner.

We can help you do this without spending thousands more on a designated computer package.

You probably already have all the tools you'll need on your current computer system.

  • An on-line, push-button Switchboard platform can be created for each individual Business Management System utilising standard business packages, such as Office 97. This system will assist with document control, access to reference material, record keeping, as well as providing multiple user access. Much of the traditional paperwork and searching of documents can be eliminated with just one click.

The Smart system.

Cross Linking

Off-site Users

Record Access

The Switchboard platform can be modified to link to other business systems that use Office 97 programs. This will allow access to other departments such as OH&S, Environmental Management, Personnel Skills Matrix, which will create an access and control platform to the entire business management system of your business.

All interstate users can immediately be updated of changes by being on-line. The resources to run the system will also the considerably reduced by administering from one centralised point.

Forms and Records will be accessible from within the Quality Manual and Procedure documentation via hyperlinks, which utilises a 'click and access' facility. These documents will also be accessible via a push button Switchboard which will govern the entire document system.

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