The new ISO9001:2000 is currently being drafted. This revised management system is no longer just a quality based icon, rather it is being redrawn to focus upon the whole business the way it should be run; as a profit centre.

With a view to reducing waste and maximising efficiencies, the new elements of the system incorporate Productivity Measures and Principles, Skills Training, Internal Customers, Key Performance Indicators and, of course, Quality.

The new ISO9000 has the capacity to ensure your organisation is actually doing something to generate positive bottom-line results, rather than just protecting you from potential losses.

'The needs of the customer are essential, as is business viability. The ISO9001:2000 draft places emphasis on four key business elements; the customer; the employees; the shareholders; and our responsibility to the general community. This is to ensure the business continues to service the needs of its customers whilst maintaining an economic margin, caring for its people (training and welfare), and minimising its impact on the wider society.'

ISO 9001:2000 and Aramis Management Systems

We are one of the few organisations to offer a workable ISO9000 format based on the new draft standard to be introduced later this year, so you will be up-to-date when it happens. We also provide Universal Food Safety Systems incorporating HACCP, as well as all manner of business and technical writing.

This has already been achieved by several of our clients, who have been assessed against the current version (1994), and had cursory assessment against the 2000 draft issue.

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