SafetyMAP is a documented system designed to help organisations of various sizes and industries to manage health and safety within their work environment.  The element criteria within SafetyMAP will enable an organisation to:

  • empower and involve all employees in the management of health and safety

  • measure the performance of its health and safety program

  • implement and maintain a cycle of continuous improvement

  • benchmark its health and safety performance

  • gain recognition for the standards achieved by its health and safety management system.

SafetyMAP provides three levels of achievement:

  • Initial Level

  • Transition Level

  • Advanced Level

We can assist your organisation to structure its health and safety management system to satisfy all 58 Initial Level SafetyMAP criteria, where it may then apply for an externally certified SafetyMAP Initial Level Achievement Certificate.

SafetyMAP Elements

                                                                Level:  Initial    Transition    Advanced

  1. Building and Sustaining Commitment

  2. Documenting Strategy

  3. Contract Review and Design Control

  4. Document Control

  5. Purchasing and Control of Product

  6. Management of the Work Process

  7. Monitoring Standards

  8. Reporting and Correcting Deficiencies

  9. Managing Movement and Materials

  10. Collecting and Using Data

  11. Auditing of Management Systems

  12. Developing Skills and Competencies

                            Total Number of Criteria          58              104              139

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